Radiation portal monitor for vehicles

ADM Nuclear Technologies is Australia’s expert in the installation, servicing, and calibration of portal radiation monitors for scrap metal.

Radiation gate monitor and truck

Thermo Fisher has announced that they are offering promotional pricing for new installation of the ASM IV radiation gate monitor, and for customers wishing to upgrade their existing gate monitors. 

Radiation Spectroscopic Identifiers

Radiation Isotope Identifier Devices (RIIDs) are used to perform spectroscopic analysis to distinguish between different radioactive isotopes.

Thermo Scientific Pricing

ADM Nuclear Technologies will be implementing new 2020 prices from 1st January 2020.

New Product

The new RadEye SPRD-ER from Thermo Scientific offers measurements over an extended energy range than the standard RadEye SPRD. 

RadSure blood irradiation indicator labels storage temperature

Ashland has announced that the RadSure series of blood irradiation indicator labels can be stored at temperatures of ≤ 25ᵒC. 

Defining the Detection Limits of Radiation Detectors

Radiation is governed by the inverse square law.  

Thermo Scientific RadEye B-20


Thermo Scientific RadEye first introduced the RadEye range of hand held radiation in 2002, with the launch of the RadEye G.  

Hand held radiation meters

ADM Nuclear Technologies is committed to providing a high level of customer service. One of our key service offerings is the ability to supply handheld radiation monitors from stock.

The importance of identifying radiation sources

Despite conducting regular audits, state and national regulations likely make it necessary for all Australian Universities to conduct a thorough review of all faculties to see if any radiation sources have gone un-checked.

Radiation Safety

ADM is proud to support a growing number of customers with the implementation of Radiation Management Plans (RMPs) for the use of soil moisture and density probes.

Comparison of Passive and Active dosimetry systems

ADM Nuclear Technologies offers both Passive and Active personal radiation dosimetry systems, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages.


There are many industrial, commercial and medical applications, where radiation sources are used. For example, we are all familiar with X-ray machines at airports and hospitals.

Choosing a radiation survey meter

ADM Nuclear Technologies offers a wide range of radiation survey meters.

Choosing a radiation survey meter is not a task to be taken lightly, and in many cases it is worth seeking expert advice before making the final purchasing decision.

The correct radiation survey meter

When selecting an X-ray leakage exposure meter, it is important to select one that is suitable for the job at hand.

Guide to buying EMF meters

The term ‘EMF’ has several meanings. In this article we look at the three common sources of EMF radiation and the best EMF meters for measuring each type.

NORM radiation monitors Australia

ADM Nuclear Technologies is proud to offer the SARAD range of NORM radiation monitors in Australia.

Presence of Radon gas in Australia

There are a swaggering number of research papers from around the world which have linked the human inhalation of Radon to the development of lung cancers.

Sterin Sterile Insect Technique SIT

Many people are unaware of to what extent nuclear technologies and radiation are used in everyday life.

Thermo Fisher Scientific MinAlarm7 7-10 RadEye Area Monitor

Thermo Fisher Scientific has a wide range of permanently mounted radiation area alarm monitors. But there are a two in their range which are very popular.