How to do a Static Field Human Exposure Assessment

Wavecontrol's latest video explains how to perform a static human field exposure assessment with the SMP2 EMF meter and the WPH-DC probe.

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Choosing a personal EMF meter is not a task to be taken lightly and, in many cases, it is worth seeking expert advice before making the final purchasing decision.


In recent years, the advance of XRF technology has enabled it to become affordable and practical for mainstream use in many industries.

RadEye G-10 X Ray Monitor in Stock
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ADM Nuclear Technologies stocks the Thermo Scientific RadEye G-10. The RadEye G-10 will detect X-Rays from 45 keV up making it suitable for use as a personal X-Ray monitor for staff continually working close to X-ray equipment. 

Video the basics of the SMP2 and the Field Probes for different EMF applications

Wavecontrol has produced a new video that explains the basics of the SMP2 and the Field Probes for different EMF applications.

Extremity Radiation Dosimeter

If you are a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), The Rotunda Scientific ED3 may be a good addition to your As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) tools for real time extremity monitoring and training.

Monitoring EMF radiation near power lines

One of Australia's local councils wanted a survey of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation carried out at the site of a new housing development.

EMF Radiation and Protection Application Notes

ADM Nuclear Technologies is Australia's radiation protection and monitoring specialist.  We offer solutions for protection against ionising radiation and non-ionising radiation. 

New Product
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ADM NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGIES is proud to announce our new partnership with Wavecontol.

EMF field strength monitoring
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This video deomontrates the capabilities of the Wavecontrol SMP2 EMF Field Strength Meter. 

For further information contact ADM Nuclear Technologies.

EMF radiation monitors for personal protection
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This video shows how the WaveMon presonal EMF monitors can protect you or your workers.

For further information contact ADM Nuclear Technologies.

Radiation exposure

There are many industries and applications, where employees are required to work in close proximity to a radioactive source.  

5G EMF Measurement Kit

Are you concerned about the safety of your employees due to a new 5G tower that has been installed in the vicinity of your office or worksite?  

Radiation Area Monitors

Radiation area monitoring systems are used in areas where nuclear technologies are used on an everyday basis. 

Geiger Counter

Geiger counters are radiation detectors that use a Geiger-Müller tube to detect radiation.

Radiation portal monitor for vehicles

ADM Nuclear Technologies is Australia’s expert in the installation, servicing, and calibration of portal radiation monitors for scrap metal.

Radiation gate monitor and truck

Thermo Fisher has announced that they are offering promotional pricing for new installation of the ASM IV radiation gate monitor, and for customers wishing to upgrade their existing gate monitors. 

Radiation Spectroscopic Identifiers

Radiation Isotope Identifier Devices (RIIDs) are used to perform spectroscopic analysis to distinguish between different radioactive isotopes.

Thermo Scientific Pricing

ADM Nuclear Technologies will be implementing new 2020 prices from 1st January 2020.

New Product

The new RadEye SPRD-ER from Thermo Scientific offers measurements over an extended energy range than the standard RadEye SPRD.