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Monitoring EMF Radiation from Commercial Microwave Ovens

Commercial microwave ovens play a crucial role in the food service industry, offering rapid and efficient food heating and cooking. However, concerns regarding potential health and safety issues related to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from these appliances have emerged.


Daily commuting via train and moving freight by rail has become a significant aspect of daily life  Train users and employees may encounter electromagnetic fields (EMF) at levels exceeding those typically found in other aspects of our everyday lives.

Wavecontrol EMF meter servicing

Understand the Importance of Regular Performance & Maintenance Checks

The performance of your Wavemon personal EMF dosimeter is crucial for ensuring safety in environments with electromagnetic fields.

ADM Systems Welcomes the Wavecontrol SMP3 EMF Meter

ADM is proud to announce the arrival of the Wavecontrol SMP3 to our EMF monitoring range!

Worker exposed to EMF radiation

There are many applications and situations in Australia, where electromagnetic fields (EMF) may be present.

Wearable EMF meter

There are many situations in Australia, where you may be exposed to Electromagnetic Frequencies in your workplace, or when working near some types of equipment.

Wavecontron WaveMon Personal EMF Meter

In Australia, the radio frequency spectrum in the 26 GHz (25.1–27.5 GHz) and 28 GHz (27.5–29.5 GHz) bands has been allocated for 5G applications.

What to look for when selecting a professional EMF Meter

The electro-magnetic frequency spectrum ranges from DC to well beyond the Gigahertz range.

Bespoke radiation detection solutions

Did you know that ADM helps users develop bespoke solutions for their radiation detection needs?

SARAD NORM monitor product change

In disappointing news for users of the excellent DOSEman and MyRIAM ranges, Sarad has just announced that due to supply issues for key components these ranges are being discontinued.

Radiation meters in stock

We are starting to see some easing in the supply chain issues which have plagued 2022.

Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD4

A lot has happened since the COVID pandemic started in 2020, including the release of the new Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD4.

Who Needs to Wear A Radiation Monitor

ADM provides radiation protection solutions for both ionising and non-ionising radiation. In this blog post, we give an overview of who should be wearing a personal radiation detection device.

EMF meter calibration

ADMNT can calibrate the Wavecontrol SMP2 EMF Field meter as well as those from other manufacturers at market-leading prices!


The Wavecontrol MonitEM-Lab is a permanent EMF area radiation monitoring system for the ongoing scrutiny of emission levels from electromagnetic radiation sources in both E (electric) and H (magnetic) fields.

Nuclear medicine personnel

Unfortunately, manufacturers of radiation safety and detection devices are not immune from the current global supply chain shortages.

Area EMF radiation monitoring solutions

ADM Nuclear Technologies is a proud distributor of Wavecontrol EMF safety monitoring solutions.

DC powered railway traction

Static magnetic fields are constant fields, which do not change in intensity or direction over time. Hence, they have a frequency of 0 Hz.

Hospital area radiation monitoring

Many oncology departments use radiative isotopes to treat cancer patients.

MRI Scanner

Static magnetic fields are constant fields, which do not change in intensity or direction over time. Hence, they have a frequency of 0 Hz.