Radiation Meters and Dosimeters Currently in Stock in Australia

Radiation meters in stock

We are starting to see some easing in the supply chain issues which have plagued 2022.

As a result, we are happy to announce that as of mid-August, ADM is again holding our normal stock levels of the RadEye-G10, RadEye-G20-10, Radeye-B20, and Radeye-PRD4 radiation meters 

Radiation meters in stock in Australia

We are still experiencing delays with supply of EPD Tru Dose, electronic personal dosimeter, but we are very hopeful that a resolution to this is coming in Q4 2022.

Thermo Scientific TRUDOSE
Thermo Scientific TRUDOSE


The Radeye-B20 is the most versatile survey/contamination meter in the Radeye Range (and we think one of the best individual radiation detectors ever made).  

With the ability to detect alpha, beta, and gamma/x-ray radiation, the B20 has uses across medical, industrial, and general radiation safety users.  

With the use of filters (H7 and H10), it is possible to measure equivalent dose from the same detector used for contamination surveys. 

Many users are not aware of the additional equipment available for use with the Radeye range, which make this most versatile suite of detectors even more flexible. 

Options include a Bluetooth communication module (which replaces the standard battery cover), telescopic extension poles, area alarm modules which can turn the portable Radeye into a [semi] permanent area alarm (with communication), as well as a variety of options for wall/vehicle mounting for use of any Radeye. 

Utilising you Radeye(s) for multiple applications and uses allows you to get even better value from your radiation detectors. 

If you have any questions about the Thermo Scientific range of radiation detectors, please contact ADM Nuclear Technologies. 

Our radiation technical and sales team would love to help. 

24 August 2022