High Sensitivity Personal Radiation Detector

Part Number
RadEye PRD4

Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD4
Radiation Type
Gamma, X-Rays, Neutrons
Energy Range
58 keV – 6 MeV: for dose and dose rate measurement 20 keV – 6 MeV: for count rate (pager function)
Dose Rate Range
Low range: 10 nSv/h - 250 μSv/h (1 μR/h - 25 mR/h) | High range: 250 μSv/h - 10 Sv/h (25 mR/h - 1000 R/h)
Natural Background Rejection

The Thermo Scientific RadyEye PRD4 personal radiation detector provides highly sensitive radiation detection capability with little to no nuisance alarms, saving users valuable wasted time adjudicating alarms while at the same time improving or increasing scanning throughput. Additionally, the PRD identifies the nature of the discovered material in a manner configurable for your operation or user skills by distinguishing between artificial vs natural sources of radiation.


Thermo Scientific