Bespoke Radiation Detection Solutions

Bespoke radiation detection solutions

Did you know that ADM helps users develop bespoke solutions for their radiation detection needs?

We love the variety of options available with the Thermo Scientific radiation detection equipment. But we are also very aware that not every requirement has an ‘off the shelf’ solution. 

That is why our technical team are available to find you the solution… even if it means we must ‘get our hands dirty.’  

Within our engineering team, we have the ability to use CAD, and 3D printing to build bespoke detector mounts – whatever your requirements.  

Just in 2022, our team have been able to assist users with the following: 

  • Design and print custom wall brackets for mounting for different radiation detectors for a large area monitoring solution.

bespoke wall mounting for radiation detectors

  • Create a ‘portable’ area radiation monitor utilising a Radeye area monitor mounted on a bespoke stand which incorporated a mount for an external GM-Probe (which itself is also able to be moved away from the monitor/alarm unit and mounted on another custom printed probe stand). 

bespoke stand for RadEye area radiation monitor

Designed and built an articulated (full motion) mount for a scintillation probe – which allowed the user to flexibly position the probe (using the same probe mount) for multiple applications/locations. 

bespoke full motion mount for scintillation probe

  • Designed and printed a custom mounting plate which allows the EPD Mk2+ calibration irradiator to be used for both EPD Mk2+ and Tru-Dose electronic personal dosimeters. Thus, ensuring the detector window of both units (which are located in slightly different positions on the EPDs) align perfectly in relation to the calibration source, with only needing to swap a small positioning block on the plate when changing between EPD types.

modified irradiator cradle for TruDose
Modified irradiator cradle for TruDose
modified irradiator cradle for EPD Mk2 plus
Modified irradiator cradle for EPD Mk2 +


Our team is most happy when we are helping solve your problems!  

We love it when customers come to us with a problem – and we can look to solve it.  

Please do not hesitate to contact ADM Nuclear Technologies, if you have something which you would like to do but are not able to achieve with standard equipment. 

24 August 2022