Welcoming the Wave Control SMP3 EMF Meter

ADM Systems Welcomes the Wavecontrol SMP3 EMF Meter

ADM is proud to announce the arrival of the Wavecontrol SMP3 to our EMF monitoring range!

The SMP3 succeeds the SMP2 predecessor with a range of new features, reverse capabilities, new connection types and compatibility to new monitoring software.


Wavecontrol SMP3 front view


eMF Monitor with more range

The SMP3 has been designed as a 3-in-1 meter, performing measurements across spectrum analysis (SMP3 up to 10Mhz whereas the SMP2 goes up to 400Khz) with real-time FFT and Broadband measurements up to 60GHz all with Weighted Peak Method for real time comparison.

The SMP3 reaches 10MHz with the use of the new WPM-10 probe, thus making it the first EMF meter on the market to measure both non-thermal and thermal bandwidths simultaneously.

Wavecontrol SMP3 Field Meter Probe bandwidth table
The Wavecontrol WP10M probe allows the SMP3 to measure upto 10MHz


EMF meter with remote monitoring

The SMP3 has been designed to work in conjunction with the new up and coming Wavecontrol SMP reader software. This software enables a user to collect and monitor EMF readings from multiple EMF meters simultaneously.


Backward COMPatibility

The SMP3 is designed to work with probes from the SMP2 range and adapted for new probes going forward, whereas the SMP2 is incompatible with newer probes.

Wavecontrol SMP3 Probe Range


Like to know more?

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23 June 2023