Field strength meter for EMF exposure

Wavecontrol SMP2 EMF Radiation Field Strength Meter
Radiation Type
Non Ionising
Measurement range
Broadband measurements (0 Hz - 60 GHz) | Spectrum analysis (FFT) (0 Hz - 400 kHz)

3 IN 1 instrument for spectrum analysis & broadband measurement:

  • Measurement from DC to 60 GHz with different field probes, RMS, isotropic
  • Electric (1 Hz to 60 GHz) and Magnetic Fields (DC -1 GHz)

Large memory and battery capacity:

  • Memory capacity for more than 1 million samples
  • More than 20 hours battery life (broadband)

Field values:

  • X, Y, Z and total.
  • Comparison against selectable standard limits

ILAC calibration:

  • Accredited ISO 17025 laboratory
  • Probes delivered with accredited calibration (acc. To LabCalscope)

Included standard accessories:

  • Up to 5 probes
  • Carrying case for up to 5 probes
  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Memory stick
  • Manual, software and calibration certificate


Wavecontrol was founded in 1997 and specialises in the  design and develop of professional instruments for the measurement, monitoring and evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields. Wavecontrol’s calibration laboratory is ENAC accredited and recognised in most countries around the world through the ILAC network. All devices manufactured by Wavecontrol are delivered standard with ISO 17025 accredited individual calibration at no extra cost.