In Stock – RadEye Gamma and X-Ray Survey Meters

Nuclear medicine personnel

Unfortunately, manufacturers of radiation safety and detection devices are not immune from the current global supply chain shortages.

Extremely long lead times are being quoted if there is no stock on the shelf locally.  

The good news  is ADM has secured stock of the Thermo Scientific RadEye G20-10 and Thermo Scientific RagEye G-10 Gamma survey meters.

Thermo Scientific RadEye G20-10

Nuclear medicine personnel who work with medical isotopes or in facilities that use radiation need to always monitor their risk of exposure.  

The Thermo Scientific RadEye G20-10 X-ray Gamma Survey Meter Protect enables you to employees and comply with the relevant occupational safety regulations.  

This lightweight, compact Geiger counters is ideal for ambient equivalent dose and dose rate measurement, with a flat energy response curve from 17keV to 1.3MeV according to ambient equivalent dose H*(10). 

For further information please do not hesitate to contact ADM Nuclear Technologies

9 August 2022