Radiation Area Monitoring Systems for Australia

Radiation Area Monitoring Systems
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Radiation area monitoring systems are used in areas where nuclear technologies are used on an everyday basis. 

They continually monitor the atmosphere for any increase in the level of radiation and trigger an alarm accordingly.  

There are several applications in Australia where radiation area monitoring is required, such as: 

  • University nuclear physics laboratories 
  • Medical imaging facilities 
  • Nuclear isotope production facilities 

This is not a finite list, but certainly lists the most common applications.  

ADM Nuclear Technologies specialises in the supply, installation, and maintenance of such systems.  

We guide you through the selection process, asking questions about where the radiation area monitor is to be used, the radiation sources that will be present, and your functional expectations of the installation.  

If required, we will install the system. 

But that is not where our service stops. We offer maintenance and calibration service contracts, so that you have peace of mind that your system is still performing at its optimal level.  

ADM is currently working with one of Australia’s leading education facilities to provide a comprehensive radiation area monitoring solution.  

In this case an advanced PLC based system is required, which can control and monitor doors in the area as well as managing the radiation detection function. The key radiation monitoring component in this system is the Thermo Scientific FHT 6020 area monitors

Thermo Scientific FHT 6020 Radiation Area Monitor
Radiation Area Monitors


Not all applications require this level of functionality.  

ADM Nuclear Technologies also offers a simpler, more cost-effective solution for where only the radiation area monitoring function is required.  

The Thermo Scientific RadEye series of handheld radiation detectors can be fitted into a wall mountable area monitor box. This allows the RadEye to act as a permanently installed radiation area monitor, but it can be retrieved and used to locate the source and type of radiation once an alarm has been given. 

Radiation Area Monitoring
RadEye Area Radiation Monitor


ADM can offer solutions for detecting Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation. We also offer Neutron detectors.  

If you are looking to replace or upgrade a radiation area monitoring system, please do not hesitate to contact ADM Nuclear Technologies for expert advice.  


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18 July 2022