Protecting Railway Workers from Exposure to EMF Radiation

Protecting Railway Workers from Exposure to EMF Radiation

Extremely low frequency (ELF) electric and magnetic fields exist wherever electricity is generated, transmitted, or distributed in powerlines or cables.

The widespread use of electricity means that people are exposed to ELF electric and magnetic fields in the home, in the environment and in the workplace.  

In Australia, suburban trains in New South Wales and Victoria operate at 1500V dc. Suburban trains in Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia operate at 25,000V ac. Queensland also has an extensive electrified rail freight network operating at 25,000V dc.  

Trams typically operate at voltages ranging from 600 volts to 750 volts dc. 

There is the potential to be exposed to ELF electric and magnetic fields (EMF) from the following sources: 

  • Electric fields produced by the overhead conductor. 
  • Magnetic fields produced by the traction current flowing in the overhead conductor and returning in the running rails. 
  • Magnetic fields produced by conductors within the train carrying the current to the motors. 

ARPANSA, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency has published a useful document on non-ionising radiation protection in Australia

One of the main concerns with electrified transport networks is the static fields associated with DC traction systems.  

ADM Nuclear Technologies specialises in supplying EMF monitoring solutions to enable you to protect your workers from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. 

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3 January 2023