Product Review: Thermo Scientific RadEye B20

Product News

Thermo Scientific RadEye first introduced the RadEye range of hand held radiation in 2002, with the launch of the RadEye G.

Since then over 10 different models and more than 20 variants have been introduced. 

The core design remains the same for all models. These lightweight, small & rugged devices use the same PCB, case and display, and the RadEye range is very popular through many different markets.  

In 2019 there were more than 75,000 units in use world-wide. 

The RadEye B20 and B20-ER is seen as a universal, multi-purpose radiation survey & contamination meter by many customers. 

Our Test 

We found that this model was a very good “go to” meter for most applications. Its small form factor and light weight made it easy to carry and wear in its holster. Its ability to detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation with added filters to discriminate between radiation types makes it suitable for many applications. 

It’s a pancake Geiger frisker and dose rate meter in one device. The RadEye B20 measures Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation in its standard form, displaying either dose in micro Sieverts per hour of radiation level in counts per second. 

During testing, we found its sensitivity to be excellent, detecting gamma and X-Rays from energy levels as low as 5KeV with dose rates from 17Kev upwards. 

Its audible alarms are clearly audible, and its backlight display is easy to read in direct sunlight or the dark of night. The batteries also easily surpassed the manufacturers claimed time discharge time of 500 hours. 

By selection of various optional filters, you can filter Alpha and Beta radiation to provide purely gamma readings, or you can add H*(10) and H'07 filters to provide shallow or deep based tissue equivalent readings. 



The B20-ER is the Extended Range option which allows for measurements up to 100 mSv/h, which is up from the 2mSv/h you get with the standard version of the RadEye B20. 

Features and benefits of RadEye B20 and RadEye B20-ER  

  • Light weight (300 g), excellent grip with and without gloves 
  • Rugged and compact design, thick rubber protective cover 
  • Low cost of ownership with > 500 h operation time with 2 AAA batteries – rechargeable NiMH-cells can be used  
  • Menu-driven user interface results in low training cost and immediate familiarity 
  • Huge internal data memory for both scaler results and continuous data recording 
  • Bright backlit LCD display – plain text messages - different languages can be selected 
  • Easy adaptation to different tasks by supervisor configuration, calibration, selection of measuring unit 
  • Versatile operation modes:  
  • Scaler / Timer with preset count and preset time for sample measurements 
  • Continuous ratemeter mode for frisker operation 
  • Dose rate mode  
  • Audible indication: single pulse or chirper mode proportional to count rate  
  • Earphone output for operation in loud environment 
  • IR PC Interface or Bluetooth as option 
  • Advanced Windows Software is available as option  





We think that the Thermo Scientific RadEye B20/B20-ER is a superb addition to your instrument toolkit with class leading accuracy and performance over a wide range of Energy Levels and radiation types. 

It is suitable for most applications. However, before deciding to buy we always recommend that you contact ADM Nuclear Technologies, to ensure that the tool selected is appropriate for the proposed application.  


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18 July 2022