Extremity Active Radiation Dosimetry


If you are a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), The Rotunda Scientific ED3 may be a good addition to your As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) tools for real time extremity monitoring and training.

There are many industries and applications, where employees are required to work in close proximity to a radioactive source. In some cases, exposure to a radiation source can be concentrated on the extremities such as the hands and fingers. Traditional dosimetry may not be accurate with a dosimeter worn on the body. 

Personal Radiation Dosimetry 

Personal radiation dosimetry is one of the most commonly used forms of radiation exposure protection. For example, employees working in radiology on a continual basis near X-ray machines will often wear a badge or device, which indicates the level of radiation they have been exposed to. 

There are two types of dosimetry available. The passive type, usually in the form of TLD badges, or electronic personal dosimeters, also known as active dosimetry.  

Passive Dosimetry - TLD Badges


Thermo Scientific TRUDOSE
Electronic Personal Radiation Dosimeter


Electronic radiation dosimeters have the advantage of being able to give an immediate alert and can be networked via a Bluetooth mesh.  

The passive badges are cheaper to buy, but you must wait until they have been sent to the laboratory to be “read” before you know if anyone has been exposed to an unacceptable level of radiation. 

Rotunda ED3 Extremity Radiation Dosimeter 

The Rotunda ED3 provides active dosimetry with the radiation detector sensors being attached to the extremities such as on the hand or fingers. The small sensors are connected to the ED3 via thin cables that can be routed inside clothing and PPE to allow for their placement at the extremities, so that an accurate measurement of radiation dose can be taken at the correct place. 

Rotunda Scientific ED3 Extremity Radiation Dosimeter
ED3 Extremity Radiation Dosimeter


Monitoring the extremities is extremely important when handling radiopharmaceuticals, in cardiology, oncology and glove box work, as whole-body dose may underestimate the extremity dose, especially when there are high dose gradients. 

The ED3 Active Extremity Dosimeter provides monitoring of Hp(0.07) for high energy betas and photons (gammas and X-rays) on the extremities. 

Probes come pre-calibrated and are interchangeable on the ED3 electronics unit. 

The following video gives a good overview of the system. 

Please contact ADM Nuclear Technologies for further information on the ED3 extremity dose meter. 

Customers are recommended to contact  ARPANSA , or their state-based regulator for advice on what is considered a safe level of radiation, and what safety standards are in force in Australia.   


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18 July 2022