ADM Provides Area Radiation Monitor for Hospital Oncology Department

Hospital area radiation monitoring

Many oncology departments use radiative isotopes to treat cancer patients.

Hospitals have extremely strict handling procedures in place to ensure that these radioactive isotopes are disposed of in a safe manner. 

One hospital wanted to incorporate an added layer of safety. The hospital wanted to ensure that no radioactive waste was disposed of in the general waste bin. 

Therefore, they contacted ADM Nuclear Technologies, seeking assistance in providing an area radiation monitoring system to detect radiation in the wheelie bin as it was wheeled through a doorway to the disposal area. 

ADM proposed a solution using a Thermo Scientific FHT-6020 display unit with an extremely sensitive scintillator gamma probe model FHZ 512A to detect any radiation in the wheelie bin. This scintillator probe is approximately 1,000 times more sensitive than a GM (Geiger Muller) probe, so will easily detect the smallest amount of radiation in the wheelie bin as it passes by. 

Thermo Scientific FHT 6020 Radiation Area Monitor
Thermo Scientific FHT 6020 Radiation Area Monitor


The FHT-6020 has an inbuilt alarm and light tower to indicate if there is any radiation present. 

There is a local alarm reset button and the FHT-6020 can be networked for remote alarm indication. 

Radiation area monitors are just one type of radiation detection system ADM supplies. We also provide: 

  • Handheld survey meters and contamination monitors 
  • Gate and portal monitors 
  • Electronic personal dosimeters 
  • EMF radiation monitoring solutions 

Please do not hesitate to contact ADM Nuclear Technologies if you would like assistance with selecting a suitable radiation detection system. 


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18 July 2022