5G Ready RF Personal Monitor. Meets ARPANSA Radiation Protection Series (RPS) – S1

Wavecontrol WaveMon RF-60 ARPANSA Personal EMF Monitor

Introducing the WaveMon RF60-ARPANSA: Your Advanced RF Personal Monitor

Experience unparalleled safety with the WaveMon RF60-ARPANSA, the newest member of the WaveMon family, meticulously designed to align with the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency's (ARPANSA) 2021 standards for RF EMF exposure.

Key Features:

Extensive Frequency Coverage: Monitors a broad range from 100 kHz to 60 GHz, ensuring complete electric and magnetic field monitoring.

Global Standard Compliance: Meets international safety standards, including ICNIRP, FCC, EU Directive 2013/35/EU, SC6 (Canada), and NATO, and is specifically tailored to comply with Australia's ARPANSA RPS – S1 standard.

Precision Measurement: Offers isotropic measurement of RMS with a shaped response for accurate data. Features robust alarm systems and customizable thresholds.

Advanced Overexposure Alerts: Provides real-time warnings through audible, visual, and vibration alerts when exposure exceeds safe levels.

Superior Data Logging: Enables detailed tracking and analysis of RF exposure over time for in-depth insights.

Optional Integrated GPS and Altimeter: Enhances functionality with location-specific data for a better understanding of exposure scenarios.

The WaveMon RF60-ARPANSA is a critical tool for anyone needing to monitor RF exposure, ensuring compliance with Australian and international standards. Its advanced features provide peace of mind in our increasingly wireless world.



Wavecontrol was founded in 1997 and specialises in the  design and develop of professional instruments for the measurement, monitoring and evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields. Wavecontrol’s calibration laboratory is ENAC accredited and recognised in most countries around the world through the ILAC network. All devices manufactured by Wavecontrol are delivered standard with ISO 17025 accredited individual calibration at no extra cost.