Rad-Sure™ Blood Irradiation Indicators Can Now Be Stored at Temperatures of ≤ 25ᵒC

RadSure blood irradiation indicator labels storage temperature

Ashland has announced that the RadSure series of blood irradiation indicator labels can be stored at temperatures of ≤ 25ᵒC. 




Previously, it was a requirement to store the indicators with a temperature range of 0ᵒC-6ᵒC. 

There has been no change to the manufacturing process involved in the production of the labels, and the product performance remains unchanged. 

Temperature stability studies conducted on the Rad-Sure™ Indicators over extended periods of time at temperatures ≤ 25˚C demonstrated no adverse effect on the performance or use of the indicators. This means any indicators purchased prior to this notice can be stored at the revised temperature range. 

It is important to note that you should avoid exposing the indicators to light over prolonged periods. It is recommended that you continue to leave the indicators in the box with the lid closed between usage. 

 If you have any questions about this notification, please contact ADM Nuclear Technologies

The below indicators are covered by this notice: 

  • Rad-Sure™ 25Gy, Product Code: 831379  

  • Rad-Sure™ XR25Gy, Product Code: 831398  

  • Rad-Sure™ 15Gy, Product Code: 831377  

  • Rad-Sure™ XR15Gy, Product Code: 831396  

  • Rad-Sure™ 25Gy Bar Code Only, Product Code: 831380  

  • Rad-Sure™ XR25Gy Bar Code Only, Product Code: 867307 

24 January 2020