Microstructured Solid State Neutron Detectors

Technology Update - Microstructured Solid State Neuron Detectors
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Older designs of radiation detectors based on 3He and BF3 tubes can now be updated thanks to the latest Microstructured Solid State Neuron Detectors (MSNDs) available from Rotunda Scientific Technologies.

This Domino / Tile development maintains a high thermal-neutron detection efficiency, at a fraction of the volume, mass, voltage, and power required from gas or liquid detectors.

Domino tile microstructure semiconductor neutron detectors
Domino tile microstructure semiconductor neutron detectors


The MSND® technology implements 6Li conversion to yield a thermal neutron detection efficiency of 30%. Optimum HDPE moderator for 252Cf neutron source at 1-m is 3-4 cm in front and 3-6 cm behind the MSND® sensor. 

Radiation detector products are already on the market using this technology, such as a neuron detector that has recently been developed for the US government.  

Neutron Probe
Neutron Probe


ADM Nuclear Technologies is proud to offer Rotunda Scientific's radiation monitoring product range in Australia, such as the ED3 Dosimetry Kit.

Please contact ADM Nuclear Technologies for more information on our range of radiation detection and monitoring instruments. 


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18 July 2022